The Mind's API - Rune Labs

The Mind's API - Rune Labs

On this episode we’ll take a walk, literally, with the founder and CEO of Rune Labs, Brian Pepin. Brian previously led electroceuticals development at GSK-backed Galvani, built a glucose-sensing contact lens at Verily, paid dues at Google X Labs, and built brain-computer interfaces at Berkeley.

We discuss how Brian and his team at Rune Labs are trying to become the full-stack source, or the fabric, for neuroscience research. Their platform connects patient brain data to clinicians and researchers to help discover and develop novel diagnostics, devices, and even treatments for patients with various neurological disorder..

Note: When we caught up with our guest, he was on the move so forgive a bit of background and mic noise.

This is the TomorrowScale podcast. Hosted by Justin Briggs.

Rune Labs

“The era of brain data - Neurotech after the turning point” Rune Labs Blog

“Oscillotherapeutics - Toward real-time control of pathologic oscillations in the brain” (FrontiersIn Topic)

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