Trials to Your Door - Sanguine Biosciences

Trials to Your Door - Sanguine Biosciences

At the center of every clinical trial is a group of patients, each with a medical condition that we seek to understand more about through interacting with those patients directly. Startups like Sanguine Biosciences are part of a clinical services innovation layer, connecting population health, clinical research, and healthcare delivery in new ways using new technologies.

On this episode, our guest is Brian Neman, CEO of Sanguine Biosciences, and adjunct instructor at the University of Southern California’s Price School of Public Policy. We discuss how recent technological advancements enable new ways of making clinical research that improves safety, efficacy, and efficiency, and—-critically in the time of COVID-19–improved continuity of care and medical research.

This is the TomorrowScale Podcast. Hosted by Justin Briggs.

Sanguine Biosciences:

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Disclosures: The host and guest have no conflicts to disclose. Mr. Briggs and companies he is affiliated with are not current or previous clients of Sanguine Biosciences.

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Justin Briggs
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