On-Demand Biology - Tierra Biosciences

On-Demand Biology - Tierra Biosciences

How do you build biology? Simple: DNA to RNA to proteins, right? Not so fast.

Each one of your trillions of cells are themselves little factories, constantly producing various peptides and proteins that your body needs from building blocks of amino acids encoded by our genes. Multiple industries use various forms of biological manufacturing wherein they’ve harnessed cells of some kind–yeast, E. coli, animal, and human cell lines–to manufacture proteins for us. But there are downsides to traditional cell culture methods: those same cells that protect also constrain. And some scientists want to leave the cell behind entirely.

On this episode, we’ll discuss the potential of cell-free manufacturing–“bits to biology”–with Tierra Biosciences CEO Zachary Sun, PhD. Zach co-founded Tierra with leading synthetic biologists in Harvard’s George Church and CalTech’s Richard Murray. Their vision is to “break free of the cell and fundamentally change how scientists approach discovery.”

Launched just last month, Sol by Tierra is a cell-free manufacturing system that serves as a biological synthesis-as-a-service layer for R&D scientists. And it could play a key role enabling an on-demand biological future, where the protein of interest is just a click away.

This is the TomorrowScale Podcast. Hosted by Justin Briggs.

Tierra Biosciences: https://tierrabiosciences.com

Sol by Tierra: https://tierrabiosciences.com/how-it-works

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