Nature's Nuclear - Oklo, Inc.

Nature's Nuclear - Oklo, Inc.

On this episode Oklo co-founders Jacob DeWitte and Caroline Cochran join us to discuss what it took to get their startup to this point in development of the first advanced nuclear fission power plant; how a chance meeting with Sam Altman (OpenAI, YCombinator) changed their path; and how to think big, by starting small, even in nuclear.

This year Oklo became the first company to submit a combined construction and operating license application to the United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission (or NRC) for what is called an “advanced fission power plant.” Their design, the Aurora “powerhouse” centers around the concept not of a traditional reactor, but of a small, modular fission battery hundreds of times smaller than traditional reactors. Listen as Jake and Caroline take us through the fascinating founding story of Oklo and their big vision for the small future of clean energy.

This is the TomorrowScale Podcast. Hosted by Justin Briggs.

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Aurora’s NRC Application Accepted for Docketing: via American Nuclear Solciety

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