Medicine from Microbes - Lodo Therapeutics

Medicine from Microbes - Lodo Therapeutics

On this episode, we’ll hear about Lodo and their plan to discover medicine from microbes. This is the TomorrowScale Podcast. Hosted by Justin Briggs.

Lodo Therapeutics is a drug discovery company based in New York City. Founded based on work by Dr. Sean Brady at Rockerfeller University to discover, develop and even produce medicines by exploring the uncultured microbiomes in our environment. Lodo’s platform could potentially unlock therapeutic molecules encoded within the genes of these bacteria by sequencing the microbial DNA. By doing so first, and at massive scale, they’re able to bridge next-generation sequencing with high-throughput screening to discover what they call “genetically encoded small molecule” therapeutics. Armed with hit-producing microbes and mountains of data, they then leverage machine learning and synthetic biology to optimize and even produce these drug candidate compounds rather than relying on traditional synthesis approaches. It’s modern drug discovery and development from the ground up.

To guide us through this complex technology stack, we’ll meet two guides. Dr. Steve Colletti spent 24 years building multiple discovery pipelines across Merck, and currently leads R&D at Lodo. Dr. Dale Pfost is a five-time biotechnology CEO and former General Partner at venture firm Advent Life Sciences, who recently joined Lodo Therapeutics as CEO and Chairman.

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