NFTs and the Art of Drug Development

NFTs and the Art of Drug Development

On this episode, our guest is economist Paul Kohlhaas, co-founder and CEO of Molecule and co-author of the VitaDAO whitepaper. We’ll head to Berlin, Germany, where Paul and his team of scientists, engineers, entrepreneurs and enthusiasts who are designing new ways to advance medicines. In Molecule’s case, they’re using tools not from the lab, but from the web; specifically web3 blockchain tokenized assets called non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs).

The team at Molecule are leveraging these new methods to tokenize the intellectual property and then coordinate, collaborate, and even fund the conduct of scientific research and development by putting the entire process onto a blockchain. And since the intellectual property (IP) asset is digitized onto a distributed ledger, or tokenized on a blockchain, it is then very straightforward for them to be bought, sold, traded, and outlicensed on private and even public marketplaces.

The decentralized ‘web3’ technologies that enable this functionality are incredibly new, but are by their nature designed and intended to private, efficient, and potentially more secure way to research, develop, and commercialize new medicines. Paul and the team at Molecule are working to democratize the process of new drug development down to the last little “i” in diligence. Is this the dawn of a brave new world? Listen to find out.

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